About Sanborn

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About Sanborn

Sanborn is an attractive, growing community, with some of the finest recreational facilities in the area. The Miller Park and Golf Course is a 125-acre park and recreation complex, consisting of a 90-acre golf course and 35 acres of park facilities. Included are playgrounds, softball and soccer fields, picnic facilities, a new campground facility and a shelter house. Incorporated into the complex is a hard surfaced walking/jogging/bicycling trail. A separate downtown park includes an outdoor swimming pool, playground, and picnic facilities. The City's recreation department provides a variety of activities including baseball and softball leagues, sand volleyball, bowling leagues, community education courses and many other events to keep all ages of Sanborn residents busy throughout the year.

We are also proud of our municipally owned utilities. The Sanborn community owns and operates natural gas, electric, water, wastewater, solid waste and has just completed building a state-of-the-art telecommunications utility which offers cable TV, high-speed internet and telephone services which position Sanborn well in our new global economy. Local ownership and control of these community assets translate into low-cost services.

Our most important resource is our people. Sanborn is a friendly place to live and work and our people care about the success of our local businesses and industry. Another advantage to Sanborn is our location, which is within 45 minutes of many larger cities; giving our residents the conveniences of big city living and the safe, quiet community lifestyle of a small town.

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